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Resourceful Candidate’s Toolkit

Candidates should consider making money in politics a pivotal voting issue.  By doing so, candidates can use that principled position all phases of the campaign — including stump speeches, canvassing, volunteer recruitment, campaign literature, and hen speaking to the media.

Help us improve this Toolkit and Create a “Community of Practice” (CoP) of campaign managers and candidates who want to learn and share information about making money in politics a core issue in a campaign.  Please contact us. Send us suggestions on what to add, change, or delete … even criticism is welcome.  Do you have some good material we should add to the toolkit?  Do you know about any great online material, campaign videos, stump speech, campaign graphics, or campaign literature we should add or link to?  Do you know about a great candidate or campaign manager or organization we should connect with to accomplish our mission or improve the toolkit?  We’d love to hear from you — click this link to contact us.