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Excerpt: Max Rose campaign interview. Rose's campaign was successful and he was elected to U.S. Congress

Max Rose's "Sell-out" campaign video about his opponent. Rose's campaign was successful and he was elected to U.S. Congress

Excerpt: Abigail Spanberger campaign video. Her campaign was successful and she was elected U.S. Congress

Excerpt: Lee Carter campaign video. His campaign was successful and he was elected to the Virginia legislature


This video is an excellent example of a message that is well-framed. A similar video can be constructed that will likely persuade some voters who previously voted for a candidate who accepted corporate PAC money to vote in the next election for a more progressive candidate who rejects corporate PAC money. Please note that the message is meticulously framed. It does not suggest that the voter made a mistake when the voter last voted — that would be a blow to the voter’s ego and turn off the voter. Instead, it suggests that, when the voter voted previously, the voter made their voting decision based on the information that the voter had at that time — but now the voter has new and better information and that the voter should base their next voting decision on that new and better information. A sample stump speech using the behavioral science of “framing” is on our “stump speech” page.

  • Videos
    • Dial-tested campaign speech: Drew Edmondon, Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Oklahoma
    • Dial-tested campaign video: Mark Hass (Oregon, 2008)
    • Dial-tested campaign debate remarks (Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma, 2018)
    • Texas:  Candidate for Senate Beto O’Rourke releases first Senate ad — entitled “Showing Up” — created entirely from iPhone footage (“We’ve got to do this with the power of people. We go to reject the contributions of corporations. Because you put me into this position of public trust and I serve only you. That’s the beauty of the way that we’re doing this campaign right now: No PACs … Just people.”)
    • Video:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York) (“This race is about people versus money.  They’ve got money, we’ve got people.”)
    • Video:  Lee Carter (Virginia) (“I’m running this campaign on the promise to not take a single dime of money from for-profit corporations or industry interest groups.”)
    • Video: Abigail Spanberger – “Stack” (Virginia) (“With all the money in politics it’s hard to say who has our backs. I worked in federal law enforcement and at CIA serving the American people, not special interests.  I’m Abigail Spamberger.  I won’t take money from corporate PACs because in Congress I’ll always have your back.”)
    • Video: Andy Kim – “Service” (New Jersey) (“I’m Andy Kim and I approve this message because service is a representative who puts you first and won’t take corporate money.”)
    • Video: Dean Phillips (responds to false statements by opponents; highlight opponents receipt of special interest money)
    • Video: Max Rose: Opponent is a “Sellout”(“So how’s he gonna stop the opioid epidemic if he sold out to the drug companies that caused it. Meet Dan Donovan — the “sellout.”)
    • CBS interview of Max Rose (July 24, 2018):  (“I would reject the idea that my district is conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican. What we see consistently from  Staten Islanders and folks living in southern Brooklyn is really what we see throughout the country – which is that people want to vote for the person, not the party.  They want an independent fighter … an independent leader … someone who’s gonna do what they say down in Washington, DC.  And they certainly haven’t seen that from my opponent Dan Donovan and they haven’t seen that from politicians on both sides of the aisle for more than a generation. … We don’t have to [choose]. We can talk about sensible reforms here that keep security in mind, but also maintain our values.  We have to go back to being a nation of values and commonsense. I don’t see any reason why we can’t do that. … [9:35] We should also talk about what the Republican Party is doing: shipping a trillion dollars away to people who don’t need it … maintaining itself as the party of special interests, the party of corporate PACs.  Nobody is more fitting for that than [my opponent] Dan Donovan. The guy has taken half a million dollars from corporate PACs.  I’ve taken the corporate PAC pledge. I’m not taking a cent from corporate PACs.  That’s what’s my campaign is about … and certainly we see from Dan Donovan he’s in the pocket of these special interests.  They just bailed him out in his primary.”)
    • MSNBC interview of Max Rose (Nov. 8, 2018):  Why Max Rose won (2:30: “These are things that Democrats have also proposed in years past … and then they’ve gone down to Washington, DC, and acted according to the interests of their donors and special interests. So, we can’t let that happen either. I intend on holding the Democratic Party accountable to its plans and making sure that we actually get to work in this country solving problems and putting the country first.  That’s what matters to me … more importantly than that though, that’s what matters to the people who voted for me just a few short days ago.”)
    • Video entitled “Doors”:  MJ Hegar (Texas) (“Not one of [the Congressman’s] donors? That’s not how this is supposed to work!. … Apparently being his constituent and a veteran wasn’t enough to get a meeting. I guess I also needed to be a donor. So now I’m running against him, taking on a system that cares more about campaign donors ….”)
    • The making of the “Doors” video on MJ Hegar (Washingtonian)
    • Video:  Randy Bryce (Wisconsin) (Ironworker’s campaign video focusing on healthcare)
    • Video:  Danica Roem (Virginia) (core quality of life issues (such as, traffic congestion) and making Virginia more inclusive) ([“My opponent] has clearly demonstrated that his legislative priorities are more focused on how I go to the bathroom than how his constituents get to work …”)
    • Video:  Kathleen Williams (Montana) (“But most of all, I want Washington to finally do what’s best for ordinary families — not insiders and special interests.”)
    • Video:  Kathleen Williams (Montana) (on healthcare)
    • Video:  Kathleen Williams (Montana) (constituent video on healthcare legislation)
    • Video:  Amy McGrath (Kentucky) (2 minutes)
    • Video:  Amy McGrath (Kentucky) (30 seconds)
    • Video:  Kaniela Ing (Hawaii) (“I’m the only candidate in this race who isn’t taking corporate money.”)
    • Video: Erin Zwiener (Texas House, focusing on bread and butter issues:  healthcare, education, and and unfair tax system)
    • Video: Testimonial for James Ehlers (Vermont)

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